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Organizations Committed to
Main Street USA

Increasing Financial Security in America

Supporting Main Street Americans

The following New Jersey agencies and firms champion our financial security initiatives and are actively working within their respective communities to deliver financial education and services to make risk protection and investment products and resources accessible to all.

Financial Security Champions

The following organizations have a significant portion of their financial advisors who are members of NAIFA and support them in belonging to and volunteering for their professional association.

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100% Agencies

The following agencies support having advisors that ascribe to a Code of Ethics and manage their agency to allow their agents and advisors to be active in their professional association and in federal, interstate, and state advocacy.


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Are You All In?


Become a NAIFA 100% Agency or Financial Security Champion

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NAIFA offers a special program for agencies and firms that have every producer as an active member of NAIFA. 100% Agency participants receive special promotion and are publicly acknowledged on NAIFA's consumer website, financialsecurity.org.

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NAIFA's Financial Security Champion program allows companies and large firms to belong to NAIFA under a group membership structure. Benefits include special promotion and publicity for the organization are publicly acknowledged on NAIFA's consumer website, financialsecurity.org.

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