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State Advocacy

Legislative Victories

  • During each New Jersey legislation session, NAIFA-NJ monitors hundreds of bills that could impact our clients and our members' ability to serve them. The most recent session began on January 14, 2020, and will end on January 11, 2022. During the last five sessions and dating date to 2010, we have monitored over a thousand bills. We also track regulatory proposals that affect our industry.
  • Over the last ten years, only one bill became law that we considered not in our clients' best interests. NAIFA-NJ suggested and supported a law that provides the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance additional authority to discipline licensed insurance.  Honorably discharged NJ military veterans may now enter the insurance industry with a waiver of their initial licensing fee thanks to our efforts.
  • NAIFA-NJ members attend and participate during legislative and regulatory committee hearings. Regularly, we visit Trenton and meet with state legislators.
  • NAIFA-NJ members meet with federal legislators, both in NJ and Washington, DC.