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Celebrating Life

By Bellaria Jimenez on 9/2/21 1:12 PM

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and I want to make it a celebration of life.  When we our clients think of life insurance, they tend to focus on morbidity.  Instead, lets view insurance differently this year.  We need to refocus our approach for this year’s awareness campaign and celebrate life.   After all, that’s what life insurance does. It is our way of leaving our imprint on life.  It is one way we can be sure we are remembered for generations to come.  It is one way we can pay tribute to the life we lead. 

As care givers and protectors of our family, we work hard to build strong foundations to take care of our family.  We want the best care for our parents, the best education for our children, a home in the right neighborhood and of course a nest egg for security.  Life Insurance continues that same legacy if we can’t. It provides the buying power to extend far beyond our ability and can teach the generations that follow the value of preparing and the true act of love and protecting our family. 

Our LIAM script for this month is a simple message explaining that Life insurance expresses to our loved ones a powerful reminder; that we love them.  That you have their back.  It is our true expression of care and support by protecting our loved ones no matter what may happen to us.

Let’s remind our clients that Life Insurance celebrates our life, provides a legacy for our family to remember us and protects our loved ones when we are not physically present.  Don’t forget to reach out this month and remind your clients that life insurance allows you to say to your loved ones, “I’ve got you” — and mean it. Be prepared and celebrate Life Insurance Awareness month, celebrate LIFE.