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In Memory of Russell Bent, NAIFA-New Jersey President 1975-76

By NAIFA-New Jersey on 6/17/21 4:12 PM

It's with a heavy heart that we inform NAIFA-New Jersey members that NAIFA-New Jersey's Past President and former lobbyist, Russell (Russ) Francis Bent has passed away at the age of 90.

Member Spotlight: Diego Correa

By NAIFA-New Jersey on 6/8/21 2:46 PM

Diego A. Correa serves as the Membership Chair and Treasurer on the NAIFA-New Jersey Board and has been a loyal NAIFA member since 2020. He is a Sales Director/Financial Advisor with Primary Financial, in Saddle Brook, NJ. Thank you, Diego, for your loyal service and leadership to our industry and association. We are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.

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Welcome May New Members!

By NAIFA-New Jersey on 6/1/21 11:46 AM

Welcome new members who joined NAIFA-New Jersey this May!

Belonging to your professional association sets you apart from the competition by ascribing to a Code of Ethics, voluntarily investing & participating in a performance-driven networking group, and serving your industry through advocacy and community service.

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Pyramid Mountain Trail Inspirational Hike

By NAIFA-New Jersey on 5/13/21 2:24 PM

Join NAIFA-New Jersey Friday, June 4th at 9:30 a.m. EST (Rain Date June 18th) for a Pyramid Mountain Trail Inspiration Hike! Take this 3 hour inspirational hike that includes rocky footpaths, several streams, interesting glacial erratic like Tripod Rock and Bear Rock, and two overlooks. During the hike we will share sales ideas and motivational topics related to business, life and health. Please come prepared to discuss the biggest challenge you are having. This hike is around 4.4 miles roundtrip, has a moderate trail surface and elevation gain, and one slightly difficult rocky descent. We can't wait to see you there! 

Pyramid Mountain
472 Boonton Avenue
Montville Township, New Jersey 07045

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Don't Waste a Crisis

By Bellaria Jimenez on 5/12/21 10:22 AM

“Don’t Waste A Crisis”, this term has been used for some time. Over the past year the “crisis” has obviously been the COVID 19 pandemic. What we don’t want to “waste” are the opportunities this unfortunate scourge has created. Our profession, overall, is in a strong position to benefit from the current state of affairs based on the economic stress that both individuals and business have experienced.

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Spring Conference to Feature Bobby Samuelson

By NAIFA-New Jersey on 4/26/21 3:25 PM

NAIFA-New Jersey is hosting their Spring Conference, May 6th! Be sure to register today so you don't miss important messages from our Board of Directors. Brief messages include an Update on the Hill from NAIFA-Jersey lobbyist Paul Bent, upcoming events with YAT chair Paul Bacchioni and Membership with Diego Correa.

The featured Keynote Speaker is Bobby Samuelson, executive editor of The Life Product Review.
Business Opportunities for your Practice:  Learn the Opportunities and Challenges for your practice with the New Section 7702
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Building Strategic Alliances with Paul Bacchioni

By NAIFA-New Jersey on 4/15/21 11:10 AM

Join NAIFA-New Jersey YAT's and Paul Bacchioni on Friday, April 30th at 1-2 p.m.!

Most financial representatives state they work 45-50 hours per week.  If you were to spend less than 5% of your workweek (2 hrs.) developing strategic alliances, it may prove to be the most valuable time spent for your career. Strong strategic alliances can account for 30%-50% of a successful practice - a large return for 2-2.5 hours per week! This workshop will walk you through a 7-week process to connect and build your own strategic alliances.

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NAIFA-New Jersey President's Message

By NAIFA-New Jersey on 2/19/21 11:25 AM

Greetings NAIFA-New Jersey! 

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NAIFA-New Jersey Celebrates Anniversaries

By Elizabeth Nelson on 12/14/20 9:43 AM

NAIFA-New Jersey extends their congratulations to NAIFA-New Jersey members marking 50 years or MORE with NAIFA! We thank you for your continued support over the past and future years!

David Malkin CLU, ChFC Celebrating 58 years
Thomas Straub Celebrating 58 years
Alvin Singer CLU, LACP Celebrating 55 years
George F. Poppe III CLU, LUTCF, LACP Celebrating 53 years
Donald Beck CLU, ChFC, RHU Celebrating 52 years
Melvyn Feinbloom CLTC Celebrating 51 years
Rudi Floyd CLU, ChFC, CFP Celebrating 51 years
Michael Guggino CLU Celebrating 50 years
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NAIFA-NJ Supports the Members of NAIFA-New York

By Kris Dickson on 9/30/20 4:22 PM

As the Executive Board of the State Chapter of New Jersey, we would like to unanimously state for the public record that we are committed to NAIFA Nation and will serve our members’ best interests. We undertake our fiduciary duties of overseeing our state chapter association seriously and are good stewards of our chapter’s assets whether the resources we oversee are monetary or human capital.

What we value most—and is the key value of NAIFA—is our word. Our reputation, the way that we conduct ourselves and the way we treat others is the essence of what it means to belong to NAIFA.

We were shocked and dismayed to learn that a small group of NYS members were seemingly hoodwinked into voting to disaffiliate with NAIFA and that this news was made public without the knowledge of the vast majority of members of the chapter—and even many a board member who resigned immediately upon hearing the news.

The Executive Board of NAIFA-New Jersey was particularly wounded to learn of this announcement given the past history of financial support and close geographic proximity. In particular, NAIFA-New Jersey and NAIFA National both contributed to NAIFA-NYS’ legal fund in support of their legislative efforts.

This move by a few of the former chapter members and Park Strategies association management company involves multiple violations, but at the end of the day, it is not the NAIFA way and we, as representatives of our state chapter, cannot condone such behavior.

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